Friday, October 17, 2008


I apologize for the long hiatus. Life has a way of catching one unaware. I have been thinking a lot lately of the phenomena of Sehnsucht. It is a German word that depicts longing, a yearning that we may not always be aware of. This can be a longing for a place such as ‘homesickness’, or a particular feeling, or person. A very dear friend of mine wrote a paper on this subject stating that Sehnsucht could be described as a longing, searching for that which is absent or seems unattainable.
Qualities to rememb
er with the premise of Sehnsucht is, a desire for that which is absent, searching but never finding, a longing that cannot be filled in the temporal world, thus leaving a sense of the bittersweet.
For those of you that are interested in a fairly detailed account, check out this link

Come to me on the sweet morning light
drink of my nectar
as the fresh dew
on the ground
find repose in my arms
as the dawn’s first rays

break across
darkened sky
Can you hear the breeze
as it sighs through the trees
it is I your love
your desire calling to you
spurring you on
Continue to seek
do not give up your search
fan your ardour
hope for me through arid days of
toil and barrenness
continue to thirst
do not grow faint

I am there
though elusive
always within
arms reach
Sharpen your senses
listen with earnestness
for my lilting song
stay ever hopeful
you’ll find me
at last

your roaming will
eventually come to an end
and your
empty heart
will be filled

© Eleanor Thorel 2008

Can it be possible that my life has kick started into living?
To actually experience something akin to joy?
I hardly recognize it, seems like so long ago
since I've woken up, feeling glad to be alive
tentatively hopeful,
expectant and curious

like a child again.

© Eleanor Thorel 2008
Ah, she cried out I am wasting
with my wanting
I cannot bear to be alone any longer
when I am ill who is there
to cool my head, hold my hair?
When I despair who envelops me
and comforts me?
In those dark sleepless hours
in the middle of the night
who hears my weeping?
Who wipes away my tears?

Hold fast dear one –
does not the dawn herald hope for a new day?
Look at your garden
bursting with life and color
birds find a haven amongst the foliage

sweet scents encircle you
a warm breeze caresses you
who can resist the cheerful song of the robin
announcing the day or calling for rain?

The busy chirping of the sparrow as she
flits from leaf to leaf.
Ah, so much beauty surrounds you
the opening bud of the climbing white rose
the abundant lilies.

In the middle of the night
the moon is there to shed her soft light
to illuminate the fireflies
things are not as they seem
continue to live life with the breath
of expectation and you will
not be disappointed।

© Eleanor Thorel 2008