Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is the time of year that I have long waited for. Birds are busy nesting, the spring peepers fill the night air with their intense trill and everywhere life is teaming. Every spare minute I have, you can find me in my garden. I love the earthy pungent aroma of the soil as it warms up, the feel of lush vegetation between my fingers. When I’m stressed from work, the garden is my haven, my safe place...

This spring has been rather cool and slow to start, and I’m hoping for warmer weather soon. I have been trying to baby along a Rose of Sharon bush that I hope will come back but so far is not looking too hopeful. Now my fireweed is starting to look rather limp.

We have had our usual occupants, snowshoe hares that have shed their winter coats, woodcocks and a pair of ruffed grouse which gave a wonderful display of mating rituals. Butterflies and dragonflies have made their way back and of course, our welcomed friends the hummingbirds.

There have been two to three pairs that have resided here and shared a hummingbird feeder for the past few summers. Many mornings I have found them fluffed up like golf balls trying to keep warm due to the cold dip in temperature.

I enjoy watching for the return of the various birds and insect life each spring. I am planning on attending a science forum in Buckhorn and will relay my findings....