Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Day

The Muskoka region has been hit hard with snow these past few days. Huntsville received almost 70 cm of the “fluffy stuff” overnight. Our area has received at least 50 cm of snow and we’re supposed to receive another 30 cm today! I got up early and took a few pictures. This is looking out from under the car port.

A few hours later, from the same vantage point. This is after I had my driveway cleared.

Across the street my neighbour is blowing out his driveway, and you can barely see his house.
For two days I drove in white-out conditions to and from work. Thankfully today I am off but my heart goes out to those who still have to travel in treacherous conditions, especially those who need to get to the hospital for treatment.
As I write this, I've just heard that the highway is closed in both directions, so we are snowed in for sure!


Jenn Jilks said...

We've had a snow emergency declared. Bring out the troops!

Eleanor Thorel said...

Yes, and it is still falling! Work is frantic trying to get shifts filled.