Sunday, January 10, 2010

Elegant Sentinels

I’ve started working on a new piece, some life drawing and thought it’s time to head out for a snowshoe. So King and I took our usual trail towards the beaver pond and decided to follow along the ridge that borders the pond.

I love the skeletal look the dead standing trees take on, standing like sentinels and took some photographs of stumps and deadheads.

There is lots of material here for painting. As we started the climb up the steep slope of the ravine, we came across interesting granite outcroppings and bedrock formations.

When we descended down the other side of the ravine and headed back home across the beaver pond we were anticipating a nice hot toddy to warm us up.


Cathy Olliffe said...

How lucky you are to have gotten outside on this mild January day. I have yet to strap on the snowshoes this winter but we did get them out the other day, so that's a start. Funny how we all come to Muskoka to enjoy the kind of scenery you photographed today (nice work, by the way... I like the sentinels, too) but they we get caught up in the grind of jobs and paying bills and sometimes forget where we call home. I think it's great that you're following your bliss and doing what you want/need to do. Best of luck.

Eleanor Thorel said...

Thanks. I too get caught up in the grind and hope to get more time this winter to focus on the creative side of life.