Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where have all the birds gone?

In past years I have seen an abundance of blue jays, chickadees, pine grosbeaks, siskins and redpolls. Occasionally we were treated by visits from rose breasted grosbeaks and cedar waxwings as they were passing through.

This year in my back yard, I have observed a decline in the winter bird population. I have been trying to verify this with other local bird watchers. If you have noticed a decline in your area I’m interested in hearing from you.

This watercolour is a result of my bird studies and simply called “Blue Jay Study”.


Cathy Olliffe said...

Beautiful painting, Eleanor. I too haven't seen as many birds as I expected. Not one blue jay. A few chickadees. That's about it.

Eleanor Thorel said...

Thanks Cathy,
I am very interested in hearing what everyone else has seen this winter. I haven't even seen very many chickadees which is a first!

joo said...

It's a lovely painting! I like your blog very much. Thanks for linking mine and giving me opportunity to visit this place:)
Have a lovely week!

Eleanor Thorel said...

Thank you for your comments!